Top 10 Antivirus for Android Smartphones 2018

Top 10 Antivirus for Android Smartphones 2018

Antivirus Apps for Android Devices 2018

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What do you mean by the virus? It is a kind of infection that will make your phone a zombie. No? Right!! A virus is nothing, it is just a software that can harm your devices like PCs or smartphones. How a virus can harm my device? It can steal your data from your smartphones, can give you unnecessary ads while you are using your apps like WhatsApp, Hike, or other ad-free apps. If the virus is strong enough then it can even soft brick your phone.

So, what can we do to save our phone from these kinds of viruses? You can use the anti-virus and some tips to remove these viruses and prevent them from coming back.
You can find the tips at the end of this article, it’s time for the Top 10 Antivirus Apps For Android Devices.

Let’s begin the countdown.

10. Trend Micro – Mobile Security & Antivirus

trend micro security mobile

The app with mobile security for the Android device & Antivirus scan with performance booster. It is capable to remove viruses and malware, find, lock, or erase your device, boosting your phone’s performance and more.

* Scan Google Play and side-loaded apps with malware before they install.
* Protection against fake banking, financial and shopping apps that can trick you  to give them your personal information.
* Keep you notify about harmful websites whether you are surfing on Chrome or any other browser.
* Checks that you are connected with a secure Wi-Fi network.
* Manages your battery and memory to give a better performance.
* Malware and Antivirus scanner.
* Warns you about those apps that could be exploited by hackers.
* Secure your apps with app lock functionality.
* Capture a picture of intruders who attempt to use your phone.
* System health check.
* Find, lock, or erase the lost device.
* App manager to provide the full report of app usage.

9. Avira Antivirus Security 2018

avira mobile

This is an award-winning antivirus, that protects your Android device from theft and protects your privacy. Not just for the Android device, it is also available for PCs and trusted by many users. It can remove malware and spyware from your device, also provide features of safe browsing and track or find your lost/stolen device.

* Protect your device against malware and spyware.
* Helps to track, find, and recover the lost device.
* Protect your personal data like images, chats, or emails from theft.
* Provide the best performance in less power consumption.
* Scans apps and their updates and can also scan external storage units.
* Anti-Ransomware – Prevent ransomware from encrypting your phone and stealing your data.
* Find device with a loud siren, track, lock, Prompt the person who finds your phone, or wipes data to secure your personal information from unauthorized access.
* Block unwanted contacts or a specific phone number.
* Web-based management helps you to access all security setting (lock, erase, siren, or wipe device)
* Helps you to know that your email may have been hacked or compromised.

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8. Quick Heal – Antivirus & Mobile Security

quick heal for mobile

Quick Heal provides complete protection for your pc, phone or tablet. It provides mobile security and protection from viruses for Android devices. It scans apps before downloading them and also scans them in the background to ensure your security. With 5 million downloads on Android device, this app made its place on #8.
Below are the main features of Quick Heal –

* It provides App lock functionality that can be done with a PIN.
* It scans WiFi whenever your device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi network.
* Automatically scans apps before downloading from Play store, also informs you whether it is safe or not.
* Unwanted incoming calls can be blocked by call filter feature
* Anti-theft prevents your device from being misused and track the device in case if it is stolen or lost.
* It takes snapshots of the person who tries to unlock with a wrong PIN or password.
* Review the installed apps and check what permission they are using.
* Notifies you about settings that can affect your overall smartphone security.
* Forward your all call to a specific phone number.
* Register your phone number with TRAI to register it with the DND service in India.
* Activities reports carried out by Quick Heal.
* Regular virus definition updates.
* Quick setting notification to provide one-touch access to various settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Torch, and Brightness).

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7. Virus Cleaner (Super Security)

virus cleaner (super security)

It protects your device from viruses and cleans them with virus cleaner. It is more powerful and dedicated to mobile security. This app has less but very useful features.

* Virus cleaner with a huge virus database
* Scan and detect junk files automatically and removes them.
* Boosts your android phone by killing the background apps that are not in use for a long time.
* Lock your app and secure your privacy.
* Super Security = Antivirus + App Lock + Data Monitor + Booster + Security Guard + Junk Cleaner.

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6. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security)

virus cleaner (hi security)

10x download than the above antivirus apps and having a 4.8 Star ratings on Play Store, this app made its place on #6. Hi – Security antivirus not just detects the virus, it also clean it.
It can boost your phone with booster and remove junk files from your device effectively. It manages and organize your notifications and block unwanted incoming calls. It provides online safety and checks WiFi speed.
* It has Double Engine (More Powerful) Antivirus that detects and removes viruses very effectively.
* Remove junks and cache files effectively to increase the performance
* Boosts phone to clean memory and allows to run more apps.
* It blocks unwanted calls and numbers
* Scans both internal and external storage.
* Lock your sensitive apps with cool and attractive themes.
* Optimize CPU usage and cool down its temperature
* Clean up browsing history and clipboard history
* Scheduled virus scanning
* It cleans up browsing and clipboard history
* Scans Wifi Security and test speed
* Filter and block malicious URLs with real-time web surfing protection.

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5. Avast Mobile Security

avast antivirus for mobile

Who doesn’t know about Avast Antivirus? Avast is the most popular antivirus, trusted by more than 400M people globally. After gaining positive reviews from PC users, Avast released its official mobile version antivirus and got more than 100M downloads. Let’s check out it’s best features.

* Automatically scans antivirus, malware, infected/dangerous app, and Trojans upon first use.
* Clean unnecessary data, cache, temporary files, residual files etc.
* Lock sensitive apps using PIN or touch gesture.
* Web security to protect from malicious URLs and safe browsing experience.
* Scans for Wi-Fi security and speed.
* The anti-theft feature helps to secretly capture photos of the thief.
* The free version has ads but can be removed after buying the premium version.

Download From PlayStore

4. AVG

avg antivirus for mobile

Over 100M user’s devices are already protected by AVG antivirus. Join them now. AVG got many features to protect your device and privacy. It protects your device from malware and threats. It also provides the functionalities like, app lock, phone locator and kills the overheated tasks. It scans Wifi before connecting to any network and protects your online identity.

* Scan apps, games and files before downloading and in real-time
* Boosts your device by killing overheated tasks
* It extends the battery life of your device
* Frees up space by killing unnecessary files
Protects your apps with app locker
Find your lost phone by enabling tracking functionality by Google maps
* Encrypted vault to hide private photos
* Check Wifi speed and scan Wifi networks
* Review the installed apps and check what permissions they are using
* Block contacts or specific numbers

Download From PlayStore

3. Security & Antivirus Lookout

security antivirus lookout

Lookout protects your Android, data, and your identity. More than 100M downloads and trusted by millions of users. Below are the features available in lookout app:

* App scanning with antivirus to protect your device from viruses, malware, adware and spyware
* System adviser helps to make sure your operating system is working properly
* Locate and sound an alarm even when your phone is on silent
* Automatically save your device’s location when the battery is low
* Get an alert message when a Wifi network you join is dangerous
* Get timely alerts whenever a company, apps, or service you use tries to breach your privacy
* Browse safely with safe browsing feature that scans every URL link that you visit or click
* Lock and wipe your device data remotely

Download From PlayStore

2. Clean Master

clean master

Clean master is a most popular antivirus app available for Android devices. It uses the powerful antivirus engine which is ranked #1 by AV-TEST. Here are the key functions of clean master:

* Junk cleaner cleans the unnecessary file, data which slows down your phone.
* It also helps to free up space from cleaning social apps like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram without worrying about deleting the wrong files
* Protects and removes viruses, Trojans, malware, and spyware to keep your phone safe
* Keeps your phone safe from unsecured WiFi
* Boost your phone with just one tap to speed up your phone
* Helps to save battery power and extend battery life
* Manage your all games and accelerate loading speed of games.
* Prevent overcharging and display charging status on your lock screen.
* Keep your privacy safe with app lock feature.
* iSwipe helps to quick access to the other apps and tools.

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1. Security Master

security master

An antivirus app having more than 500M downloads with call recorder and free VPN feature. Let’s check out its features to know why this app is on #1.

* It introduced an intelligent diagnosis to provide all the solutions you need to keep your phone safe, clean and optimized like a new phone including battery.
* Protects your online activities, private messages and browsing history with the help of VPN
* Manages and hides all the notifications timely to protect your privacy
* With the help of app locker, you can lock your settings, incoming calls, apps, photos or private data from intruders
* Alerts you when someone accesses your phone
* Takes snapshots of the person who tries to enter into your phone without your permission
* Keeps your secrets and privacy safe with the help of a disguised lock screen
* Boosts your phone’s memory by removing background apps that take high memory usage and speed up your phone
* Optimizes your phone by cleaning junk files & data and cools down the CPU whenever overheats
* Battery saver protects your battery and extends its life

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These were the 2018’s top best antivirus apps for android smartphones. Which one you are using right now? and why? Let us know in comment section below.  

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