Did You Know? - List 2 Featuring Google

Top 10 Uncommon Facts About Google

Here is the Second list of Did you know series and first list was about the Facebook and Today we brought you some uncommon facts about the famous search engine Google.

Let’s Begin The Countdown.

10. PageRank is one of the search algorithms that is used by the Google was developed by the Google’s founder Brin. However,  the patent of PageRank is assigned to the Stanford University and not to Google.


9. Google Buzz was a social networking and micro-blogging tool that was developed by the Google and it was launched on February 9, 2010, but they discontinued the Google Buzz on December 15, 2011, to focus on Google + instead.

8. The Google was based in a garage of a friend (Susan Wojcicki) in Menlo Park, California.

7. The Google’s founders nicknamed their new search engine “BackRub”.

6.  Before google.com The Google used Stanford’s website with the domain “google.stanford.edu”.

5. The name Google originated from a misspelling of “googol” (refers to the number 1 followed by the 100 times zeros).

4. Early in 1999, The CEO of Excite rejected to purchase Google for $1 Million, was offered by Brin and Page (Founders of Google).

3. The meaning of Google is “to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the internet”.

2. The First Google Doodle was in the honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998.

1. There is a rotated version of Google known as “Google Mirror”. Just type google in reverse order. (elgoog.im).

So, these were some interesting facts related to Google. We will bring you some more this kind of cool stuff till than you can explore other articles available on our website. And drop a like and leave a cute comment. And one more thing, don’t forget to share it. Thanks for reading.

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