If you are a web designer and going for an interview that you must read these recommend points, that will surely help you to pass your interview.

Top 10 HTML Interview Question

These Top 10 HTML Interview Question will surely help you to boost your preparation.

Que 10: What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?
Ans 10: XHTML is based on XML thus required to be well formed and has to follow some rules like :

  • <!DOCTYPE html> is mandatory.
  • <html>,<head>,<title>, and <body> tags are mandatory.
  • Elements must always be closed.
  • Attribute names must be in lower case. etc.
  • But in HTML, these rules are not necessary.

Que 9: What is the use of <del>(delete) tag?
Ans 9: <del> tag is used to show a deleted word or sentence in html.
example: <p>This is a <del>deleted</del> word.</p>

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Que 8: How to declare default language of the text in a web page in HTML?
Ans 8: It can be declared in <html> tag by using “lang” attribute and also can be used with any html tag.
example: <html lang=”en”> (in HTML 4.01)
<html lang=”en” xml:lang=”en” xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> (in HTML 5/ XHTML)

Que 7: What are the Semantic elements in HTML?
Ans 7: Semantic elements clearly describes its meaning to the browser and the developer.
example: <form>,<header>,<nav>,<aside> etc.
example of non-semantic: <div>,<span>.

Que 6: What is the difference between Id and Class attribute in HTML?
Ans 6: Value of class attribute can be same in multiple elements but value of Id can be used for only one element.
<p class=”same”></p>
<span class=”same”></span>
<h3 class=”same”></h3>
<p id=”unique”></p>
<span id=”another-unique-id”>

Que 5: How to insert quotation(” “) marks in HTML?
Ans 5: <q> tag is used to insert quotation marks in html.
example: <p>Apple: <q> Apple is a Fruit. </q></p>

Que 4: What are the empty tags?
Ans 4: HTML tags with no content are called empty tags. <hr> and <br> are an empty element without a closing tag. Empty elements can be closed in the opening tag.
example: <br />,<hr /> etc.

Que 3: Name some HTML tags which has been deprecated in HTML 5?
Ans 3: <marquee>,<big>,<center>,<frames> and more elements from HTML4 are no longer supported in HTML5 at all and they have been removed completely.

Que 2: How to draw graphics in HTML?
Ans 2: <canvas> tag is used to draw graphics on a web page.
example: <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”200″ height=”100″></canvas>

Que 1: How to add favicon in HTML page?
Ans 1: Favicon is a small icon of the website which appears in the tab of a browser. By using <link> tag we can add a favicon to a webpage.
example: <link rel=”icon” href=”img/favicon.png” type=”image/png”/>

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