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Have you frustrated getting 0 kills and 10 or more death, missing head-shots, losing close combat etc.? If yes, than these top 10 cs:go aim training map will surely help you to sharpen your aim.

10. Training – Strafeway [BETA]

Strafeway is a training map inspired by TF2’s “walkway” by Washipato and based on the same concept.
This map does trains fast reflexes and aiming in general including Dust2’s infamous double door and a more original training way.
Strafeway also includes a mode where hitting enemies will push them up, allowing air shots which were a very effective training technique back in Walkway, this concept of making them bounce on hit is mostly inspired from rocket air shots back in Quake and TF2 training.

Training - Strafeway [BETA]

Current Subscribers:  48,199+

9. Aim Time Trial

This is time trial map. In this map, there are moving and non-moving targets with short and long-range targets. If you finish in least of time then your name will register in leaderboards and it will show in the game. Good luck!

Aim Time Trial

Current Subscribers: 153,673+

8. 360 Sound & Coordination Training

This map can only be played alone. This map is for to improve aim, reflexes, sound, and mouse coordination. You can change the setting and equip yourself in the first room. There is an Arena. It contains 32 boxes in which a bot can randomly spawn. You can also change the floor height.

360 Sound & Coordination Training

Current Subscribe: 121,814+

7. Aim_Training-Reflex-Spray-1Taps#3

In this map there are two sides, one side is for moving bots and another one is for non-moving bots and this map will improve reflexes and spray control.


Current Subscribers: 224,277+

6. Training: Bot Aim – Textured

In this map, Texture is like Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6. All terrorist have classic Leet skin. Try this map you will recollect your old memories.

Training: Bot Aim - Textured

Current Subscribes: 738,566+

5. Aim Course

Great map to test and benchmark your skills, or that of your teams try-out!
In this map, there are 38 moving and non-moving targets. The map will show your Accuracy and headshot percentages and there is timer build on the map.

Aim Course

Current Subscribers: 813,490+


In this map, you have to join as CT. You will spawn in a middle of the map and you have to kill and there are a bunch of option to improve your aim.


Current Subscribes: 1,262,255+

3. Training Center 1.5c

-There is a Walkway, Where bots run on a long distance before dying drowned.
-There is a Target Range, Where you can shoot targets, and even a panel to test weapons spread.
-There is a Grenade Training Room, to train grenade throws.
-There is a 360 Room here, bots spawn from multiple angles.

Training Center 1.5c

Current Subscribers: 1,265,127+

2. training_aim_csgo2

A versatile and powerful map for training your aim, based on kataS. You can choose a different level (up to 4) to improve your aim with a bunch of option.


Current Subscribes: 3,871,867+

1. Aim Botz – Training

There are moving bots, you can turn this on or off.
You can enable and disable kevlar+helmet on bots.
You can also enable or disable unlimited ammo.
You can do sound practice when a target pops up somewhere with a fire sound.
You choose any weapon, just press or shoot the buttons to receive the weapons. many more.

Aim Botz - Training | Top 10 CS:GO Aim training map

Current Subscribers: 6,868,511+

I hope you will find these map helpful. If you want more these type of articles than give us a like and drop you comment below.


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