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Top 10 CSS3 Tips Before Going To Interview

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These 10 tips or question will surely help you to perform better in CSS interview. So, read these Top 10 Things You That Must Know In CSS Before Going To Interview.

Que 10: What is the use of “ !important“?
Ans 10: The ! important directive is helpful for only for testing purpose and by using !important, we can override the value of a CSS property.

Que 9: How to center an element using margin property?
Ans 9: Define the value “auto” of margin-left and margin-right property.

Note: You have to define a width of the element to let this code work.

Que 8: What is the use of flex-box?
Ans 8: CSS Flexbox (Flexible Box) Layout module helps to design a responsive layout structure without using inline, block or positioning.

Que 7: If you set a background image of an element such as div, will the image repeat itself or not?
Ans 7: Yes, by default image will repeat itself to fill the element.

Que 6: Write CSS to change the text color of a p tag when device screen width is lower than 1000px and greater than 768px.
Ans 6:

@media(max-width:1000px) and (min-width:768px){

Que 5: How to add an external font in CSS?
Ans 5: Using @font-face rule, we can define an external font.

Que 4: Why do we use the z-index property?
Ans 4: Z-index defines the z-order of an element such as sending an (A) element back of another (B) element if the (B) element has a higher value of z-index than (A) element.

Que 3Name any three CSS frameworks.
Ans 3: Bootstrap, Blueprint, and Foundation.

Que 2: What is box-model in CSS?
In HTML, every element can be considered as a box. It consists of margin, border padding, and content.


Que 1: What is a drop cap? Write a CSS to show a drop cap effect.
Ans 1: Drop-cap is an effect that is used to make the first letter large and capital of a paragraph or sentence.

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