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Top 10 CSS3 Interview Questions

These Top 10 CSS3 Interview Question will surely help you to boost your prepration.

Que 10: In how many ways can we implement CSS into a webpage?
Ans 10: There are 3 ways to implement CSS into a webpage:
(i) Use external CSS file for your pages. this is the best way to do.
(ii) Insert CSS into the head element.
(iii) Use the style attribute to put CSS directly into an HTML element.

Que 9: How to change text color using CSS?
Ans 9: By using color property we can change the color of text. But always remember that whenever you change the text color also change its background color.
p {

css text color example

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Que 8: Can we use negative value for padding?
Ans 8: No, we can not use negative value for padding.

Que 7: What is the default value of position properties?
Ans 7: The default value of position is static.

Que 6: What is the use of flex properties?
Ans 6: The flex CSS property specifies how a flex item will grow or shrink so as to fit the space available in its flex container. This is a shorthand property that sets flex-grow , flex-shrink , and flex-basis .

Que 5: Name some popular CSS frameworks.
Ans 5: These are some popular CSS frameworks Bootstrap,Foundation,Bulma,UIkit,Semantic UI.

Que 4: What is media query?
Ans 4: Media Query is CSS technique introduced in CSS3. It uses the @media rule to include a block of CSS properties only if a certain condition is true.

Que 3: What is a selector in CSS?
Ans 3: Selector are patterns used to select the element you want to style.
Example: .class, #id, tagname

Que 2: What style will be used when there is more than one style specified for an HTML element?
Ans 2: Inline will be consider first. These are the priorities of executing the style
1. Inline
2. Internal
3. External
4. Browser Default

Que 1: What is the use of @keyframes in CSS?
Ans 1: @keyframes used for animation.
animation: exanimation 5s infinite;
@keyframes exanimation{

<p>This is a <del>deleted</del> word.</p>

This is a deleted word.

<p>Apple: <q> Apple is a Fruit. </q><p>

Apple: Apple is a Fruit.

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